Camel Safari

Camel safari in Ladakh is the best attainable way to wander by way of the never-ending plateaus, ancient monasteries, snow-capped peaks, and energetic rivers. You will be shocked to hear that camel safari is executed in the cold deserts of Ladakh also!

The best time to enjoy camel driving is in the months of July, August and September.

Vacationers can take pleasure in the gentle journey of Marrakech camel riding in Ladakh. You will get a possibility to check out the rugged mountain terrain even though driving on a camel which will make you truly feel much isolated from the earth.

The camels of Ladakh will get you to the high altitude passes, scenic valleys, and historic trade routes which join Himalayan location to China, Tibet and other places. Prior to riding on camel, you need to have to find out the balancing act and get employed to the actions of camel, when you are on a trip.

The savage and intense graphic of this chilly desert lays the experience of exploring the beautiful landscape and passage via distant villages. Vacationers can enjoy tenting in tents, and knowledge spending the night beneath the stars!

While riding on camels, you will check out the charming villages of Nubra Valley, a intriguing spot. It has the hugely contrasted the landscape, which right away alter from fertile green apricot fields to a dry Saharan Desert-like terrain with snow-capped peaks in the length.

In Nubra, you can locate a little populace of the shaggy double-humped Bactrian camels, which in the previous times were employed as pack animals on the Central Asian trade route. Today guests to Nubra use these animals for heading on camel safaris. The primary population facilities are Deskit and Hunder.

From Leh, you drive to Hunder, and just take a camel trip by way of the sand dunes and scenic valleys to Diskit, thereafter a quick experience will get you to Tegger village for an additional enchanting camel ride along the river to Pinchimic.

The panoramic see of the valleys, villages and Buddhist Gompas will enchant you. Travelers can explore the village named Panamic - the final leg of Camel Safari.

Ladakh is properly identified for its incomparable attractiveness, which can be cherished to the fullest with double humped camel experience. It is an encounter that you will not be in a position to overlook your entire existence!

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